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Services and Expertise

  • Decades of institutional involvement and management of water services on Chief Director level in the Department of Water and Sanitation by the Managing Director
  • Programme and project management on various water services project stretching over decades – covering all related aspects from conceptualising through to implementation, operation and maintenance, close out – to monitoring and evaluation
  • High-level intervention for unlocking the implementation of stalled projects
  • Development and management of dynamic reporting systems and electronic micro project management databases, databases, software and mobile Applications to meet the unique maintenance management challenges of clients
  • Various investigations and assessments of community water supply and reticulation systems
  • Planning, design and implementation of water supply and distribution systems
  • Surface hydrology
  • Groundwater supply and abstraction management
  • Experience in groundwater resource development for community water supply with specialisation on regional assessments and well field development as part of integrated regional based water supply schemes
  • Groundwater impact and risk assessments
  • GIS based groundwater and related infrastructure regional data base development and management
  • Good stand with wide range of departments on various levels with experience in interdepartmental project integration and management
  • Vast experience in Environmental Management, regulatory requirements and procedures
  • Vast experience in geotechnical assessments and dolomite stability investigations
  • Acknowledge on national level as dolomite risk management specialists and Deep understanding through years of experience of the in-ability of municipal structures to perform in terms of Operations and Maintenance. Understanding of the lack of management systems, data accumulation and interpretation as well as administrative diligence in terms of procurement, stores, etc.
  • Experience lead us to the firm believe that “community ownership” of services practices and infrastructure is an essential ingredient in the sustainable usage of infrastructure and resources